Heidi I. Jones I have been a photographer since my high school yearbook days. My second semester of college, I took a wonderful photography class that forced me to understand the principles of technical control over the camera and the darkroom. After that course, I applied to be a photographer for the La Vie, the Penn State yearbook. La Vie was a very professional organization with editorial staff, photographers, layout designers, advertising managers and other specialized, career-focused jobs. I didn’t want to be a career photographer/photojournalist, but it was a wonderful way to hone my skills and get photos published. I used the yearbook’s Nikon F-3 body and Kodak T-Max 400 as my primary tools, and my Olympus OM-G for personal work.


After college, I continued to take photos but not very seriously. I was envious of the Canon Rebel’s ease of use and bought one for an organization I worked for so I could take good photos for our annual report and quarterly magazine. After I left that job, I barely photographed anything for a while. My parents bought an early Epson digital camera and I knew I had to wait to buy a camera until the technology was good enough for a digital SLR.

I finally got a DSLR July 2008, an Olympus E-520. I’m thrilled with it. I have the kit lens and a 70-200mm zoom, which gives me great range.

In my “real” life, I’m a third-year student at University at Buffalo Law School, and a small business & nonprofit consultant specializing in QuickBooks small business accounting software. In the past, I have been a programmer, web designer, public relations specialist, and a sociologist. I like change.

Between “Between” is my first photography exhibit. When I submitted the proposal to the Buffalo Infringement Festival, I thought it would contain more people, but as I continued working with my collection, it became a series of landscapes. I live between a rural Pennsylvania community and the urban Allentown neighborhood in Buffalo, providing me with both a closely connected network and rich diversity. I live a both/and life, between demographic and geographic borders.


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